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Huntley Equestrian Sedgwick Leather Flat Buckle Stirrup Leathers

Huntley Equestrian Sedgwick Leather Non Stretch Flat Buckle Stirrup leathers are constructed with the finest Sedgwick leather for high quality fittings for your saddle. Huntley Sedgwick Stirrup leathers are covered in the finest quality Sedgwick leather that feels soft against the leg, double stitched with inner non-stretch nylon to provide long lasting, durable stirrup leathers to guarantee exceptional performance. Each Huntley stirrup leather is designed with an innovative, solid copper riveted flat buckle to reduce bulk from the leather for a more comfortable ride. The Huntley Sedgwick Leather Flat buckle stirrup leathers are 1" wide, 5 mm leather thickness, and finished with a tapered end to help slide through the stirrup bar on English saddles. The half hole punch width offers an adjustable, custom fit for all leg lengths. Available in sizes 48" Inches long with 20 holes punched and 54" Inches long with 22 holes punched. Available in Sedgwick Havana color. Sold as a pair.