1. Where can I find your sizing charts?
    Ans- Size charts are located on the product detail page under Size Chart.
  2. How do I measure for the half chaps?
    Ans- Please see Measuring chart and "How to Measure Half Chaps" video under the product detail page.
  3. How do I measure for children’s paddock boots?
    Ans- Generally, the child"s tennis shoe will measure the same as the paddock boot. Measure your child's feet from heel to longest toe. Use a ruler to measure the distance from the heel to toe. One foot may be larger than the other. Order the size of the larger foot measure. Daisy Clipper Paddock boots come in regular width only. Made for girls and boys.
  4. How do I care for my leather products?
    Ans- Please see Leather Care Instructions tab under "Leather Goods" product page.

    Conditioning and Caring for Huntley Sedgwick Bridle Leather

    Conditioning and caring for the Huntley Sedgwick Bridle leather is very important to the rider and horse.  Sedgwick Leather that is properly cared for will provide a safe ride and years of use for the equine athlete. 

    Using synthetic oils, solvents, and fixatives on Sedgwick leather will break down the fibrous structure of the leather.  Dipping or soaking Sedgwick leather in oil will damage the leather by oversaturating the leather fibers and will cause the sealed edge, along the raised sections of the bridle, to dissolve.  



    1. Always check the fit of the bridle before treating with leather care
    2. Apply a healthy coat of Huntley Sedgwick Leather care to both the grain (top) and flesh (back) of each piece of leather using a sponge or towel
    3. Allow to dry, apply an additional coat of Huntley Sedgwick leather care if needed.
    4. When dry to the touch, buff with a soft, dry cloth.
    5. Place leather in a bridle bag, store in a climate-controlled environment, away from dust


    1. Clean off dirt, sweat and hair with a clean towel after each ride
    2. Carefully dampen a sponge or towel with water
    3. Squeeze excess water out of sponge or towel
    4. Gently clean each piece of leather with a natural glycerin soap or saddle soap
    5. Wipe off any excess soap with a clean towel
    6. Place leather in a bridle bag, store in a climate-controlled environment, away from dust


    If bridle leather feels dry, has been exposed to inclement weather, or a damp environment, apply Huntley Equestrian Sedgwick Leather Care to the leather.  Allow leather to dry.  Apply an additional coat of leather care if needed.


  5. Who can I contact to become a Huntley Equestrian Retail partner? Please contact us at 855-295-6401 or email ahall@huntleyequestrian.com. Please share the information including name, business name, address, phone number, and email.

  6. Can Huntley Equestrian sponsor my association or event?
    For requests, please email your information to ahall@huntleyequestrian.com or mail to Huntley Equestrian 716 South 8th Street Amelia Island, Florida 32034