Huntley Equestrian Custom Fit Premium Leather Half Chaps

Ultra-soft, imported Brazilian full grain leather provides an immediate custom fit along with flexibility and stability. Huntley's half chap design focuses on delivering a custom tall boot look with the convenience of easy on and off access of half chaps. The top line was carefully designed to reflect a "Tall" look near the knee by using a high-cut profile. The outer stretch panel is made of genuine nylon elastic to provide a closely contoured, snug fit. Reinforced inner leg is double layered with genuine suede leather lining for maximum grip and durability. Features include Outside YKK heavy duty black zipper that zips from bottom to top, Snap tabs at the top to reinforce the snug fit, Upper swagger tab and metal pendant, Imported Brazilian full grain leather contoured skirt over the instep, 3 ply thread used for all stitching.
Size Guide

    • Ultra soft imported leather
    • Top line design using high-cut profile
    • YKK Heavy duty zipper-zips bottom to top
    • Snap tabs at the top to reinforce snug fit
    • Upper swagger tab and metal pendant
    • Outer stretch nylon elastic panel
    • Sizes: Extra small short, Extra Small, Extra small Tall, Small Short, Small, Small Tall, Small Extra Tall, Medium Short, Medium, Medium Tall, Medium Extra Tall, Large

    Cleaning & Care for Fine Leather

    Cleaning and caring for leather is very important to the rider and horse. Leather that is properly cared for will provide a safe ride and years of use for the equine athlete. Leather should be cleaned and properly stored after each use.

    1. Clean off dirt, sweat, and hair with a clean towel.
    2. Carefully dampen a sponge or towel with water.
    3. Squeeze excess water out of the sponge or towel
    4. Gently clean each piece of leather with a glycerin soap or saddle soap.
    5. Wipe off excess soap with a clean towel, resulting in a buff shine.
    6. Store leather in a climate controlled environment, away from dust.

    How to Measure for Half Chaps

    1. Measure around the widest part of your calf (Over breeches or jeans) for the width.
    2. Measure from the floor to the back of your knee (Barefoot) for the height.