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March 22, 2016 1 min read 0 Comments

There is nothing worse than riding in uncomfortable and unfashionable riding clothes. With Huntley Equestrian they are taking normal traditional riding clothes and adding a flare while still being extremely comfortable and elegant. Horseback riding is all about tradition, but it is also super fun to add some color to inside seems of show jackets and bling and color to practice riding pants to get that extra edge while keeping it classy. Not only does Huntley Equestrian supply fun clothing for adults, but they also have a children’s line called Daisy Clippers. Children love designs and color, with their new Daisy Clipper show shirts and pants they can compare and show off their own unique style. Huntley Equestrian was featured in Untacked March/April issue and handpicked for their spring fashion preview. Huntley Equestrian’s breeches were quoted as “something that will really get you noticed” and showing off their convenient pocket zippers and designs. Every ride counts, make it your best with Huntley Equestrian! You can check Huntley Equestrian’s clothes, accessories, and leather goods on and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Click on the photographs below to view them.