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A Voice for Those Without One



A Voice for Those Without One: Helping Animals in Distress, Both Domestic and Wild, in our Communityis a charity created by Jake McGarey to support food banks, horse rescue and wildlife rehabilitation in Central Florida. McGarey is only 17 years old and aspires to become a veterinarian. He started this organization in 2013 because of the love and passion he has with community service and animals. McGarey created this charity that trains firefighters on how to rescue horses and riders in distress. McGarey’s charity partnered with Volusia County (Daytona, FL) Fire Chief Jeff Smith and created a horse mannequin so the Large Animal Rescue Team would have a simulation of what they would have to do in case of an emergency. McGarey also got the University Of Florida College Of Veterinary Science involved and training the team around the issues of the rescue. Not only is this charity an extraordinary idea, but it could save the lives of many horses and riders. If you would like to help this charity, designate them on Amazon Smile. Through this system, A Voice for Those Without Onewill receive .05% of every dollar you spend with no extra cost to you. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit
  2. Select the 501c3 charity that you would like to support.
  3. Type in “A Voice for Those Without One” and select it.
After this selection, Amazon will now remember this selection and apply it to future shopping. If you would like to learn more about Amazon Smile go to Please share this and spread the word because you never know when a fellow equestrian friend or family member could be in need. Spreading the word of this program could allow McGarey to spread the program all around Florida and even the country.

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