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Top Spring Fashion Trends 2017

Last month, We took a quick trip to New York City to attend the Premier Vision Fashion Trade show to see what the latest trends are in fashion fabrics and accessories. Quickly, we learned that Italian fabric manufacturers produce the most beautiful linen and lace fabrics for high fashion. These fabrics were dreamy-the lace was to die for! We were pleasantly surprised by the number of Turkish fabric manufacturers who exhibited.  They featured lovely cotton, linen, and blended fabrics.  Great to see the European manufacturers going strong, even with the decline in the Euro.  

Next to the designers section of the trade show.  These designers create fabulous patterns that are printed on great fabric, which are purchased by the major fashion houses.  Row after row, booth after booth-Floral patterns were red hot!  It was great to see all of the colors and patterns incorporated through floral design.  I shared with one designer that she needed to sell her designs to furniture fabric and wall paper manufacturers.  

We finished our day by walking through the Accessory area of the trade show.  This included a couple of leather manufacturers.  The leather manufacturers showcased beautiful soft, buttery leather that looked super comfortable for fashion pants and jackets.  Different colors and textures were well represented.   Buttons, zippers, medallions, hang tags, plastic bags, shopping bags, and any other items that complete your fashion product were also represented.

We have always admired the classic, beautiful designs of Ralph Lauren and the trail blazing trends from Gucci.  The fashion world is big, bold, and beautiful-all which can be incorporated into the equestrian lifestyle.  We are constantly thinking how can we incorporate these fashion trends into the equestrian market.  Our goal: Fashion forward design using functional fabric that can hold up to the duties of stall cleaning, unloading hay,  and riding horses, but looking fabulous while doing it.  Let us know what inspires you and what features are important to have in your equestrian wardrobe.

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