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February 05, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

Sometimes a rainy day at the barn can prompt some good old fashion spring cleaning in the tack room.  It is easy to clean and organize the saddle pads, wraps, tack, and tack trunks.  The grooming bag or grooming box tends to get overlooked but houses the most important tool in your barn, horse brushes.  I have collected horse brushes over time, some are over 20 years old.  Taking care of my brushes are important and I value their role in the care of my horse.  Proper care of horse brushes will extend the life of the brushes and protect your investment.  Clean brushes will reduce the risk of grim build up and maximize the use of the brush on your horse's coat.  I store my brushes in the Huntley Equestrian Grooming bag.  This bag holds everything! Plenty of room for all of my brushes and supplies.  This grooming bag keeps everything clean and contained with a zipper top. 

My grooming bag includes natural bristle brushes, synthetic brushes, multiple curry combs, multiple hoof pics, mane combs, and other general grooming supplies. 

You can spend hours on end grooming your horse, but make sure you are taking the time to clean your tools that are used to make your horse shine.  Here is how to wash your horse brushes:

1) Use a good size water bucket that is clean

2) Use a mild horse shampoo, I like to use Orvus shampoo

3) Add the mild horse shampoo to warm water

4) Create some good suds that are inviting and soak away

5) Soak the brushes, make sure the brushes are well submerged to loosen the dirt

6) Run your fingers through the bristles in the water to maximize cleaning

7) After soaking the brushes for several minutes, rinse the brushes in warm water

8) Rinse and repeat to make sure the water is clear and no sign of soap in the bristles

9) Spread the brushes out on a clean towel and place the bristles on the side

10) If possible, place the towel of brushes in the sun to help drain and dry the bristles

11) Make sure the brushes are thoroughly dried before returning to your grooming bag

Your grooming bag will be ready for the brushes and most importantly, your horse's coat will enjoy the use of beautifully clean brushes.