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Here’s A Sign You Need to Clean Your Tack (Plus, Tips To Bring Your Leather Back To Life)

We know how busy life can be as an equestrian, it’s a lot to juggle riding, a career, life, family, friends (and then some). During the work week, we’re lucky enough to fit in riding after a long day, let alone the time to meticulously clean all our tack. 

So if you’re like us, an equestrian always performing a balancing act, your tack might have missed a few cleaning and care sessions. If you came across this article, here’s your sign to clean your tack! Follow the below steps on how to perfectly care for your tack to keep it fresh and supple. 


1. Use a high quality leather soap because the quality of your leather soap does in fact matter. Leather soap should clean, condition and restore your leather, without breaking it down. Some ingredients that you don't want in your leather soap are chemicals, parabens, or fragrances. You can find our soap on a rope that’s designed with 100% all natural ingredients and perfect for your every-day routine maintenance.

How To Use: Use a damp soft cloth or sponge and apply the soap to a small area. Clean in soft circular motions, and add more water and water when needed. Once you’re done, allow this to dry and then buff an excess with a soft cloth or mitt. 


2. If your saddle or bridles seem extra dry or needs a little more moisture, we recommend going on top with a leather care conditioner. While this might not be needed every day, it’s a great way to add a shine before the show ring and prevent your leather from cracking. You’ll want a conditioner to have natural oils, fats, or beeswax for the best results. You can check out our conditioner that will leave your tack feeling supple, without all of the added sitting grease. 

How to Use: After cleaning and drying your tack, you’ll take a small amount of leather conditioner to a dry cloth and gently work into the leather. If you’re looking to get an extra shine on your saddle, take a soft cloth and buff out any excess conditioner.

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