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February 26, 2019 4 min read 0 Comments

You have bought your first genuine leather product from Huntley Equestrian. Congratulations! You have made an investment in a leather product that is durable enough for everyday use and fancy enough to get you noticed in the show ring. Huntley Equestrian leather will last you a very long time if properly cared for, so here are some helpful tips for keeping your leather like new! We hope you love your leather as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.

Huntley Equestrian’s leather is skillfully produced by J & E Sedgwick and Co. in England, the world’s premiere leather tannery. Each piece of leather is carefully selected by J & E Sedgwick and Co., who chooses only the highest quality cowhides for Huntley Equestrian leather products.

Huntley Equestrian Sedgwick leather is an open-grained leather, meaning it is not sealed and has a high shine due to the process of polishing, dyeing and finishing. During the tanning process, Sedgwick infuses natural cod oils and tallow fats into the fiber structure of the leather to ensure that the fibers are lubricated and do not dry. Therefore, it is not necessary to oil your leather piece before use. Because of the process used by Sedgwick during tanning, the result is the leather is already supple, flexible and resilient, making it ready to use!

It is very important for the horse and rider to have properly cared for tack. Ensuring your tack is correctly fitted and well maintained can provide you with safe rides and years of use. When you clean your Huntley Equestrian leather product, check for tears and other imperfections. Using incompatible leather cleaners and oils could reduce the lifetime of your Huntley Equestrian Sedgwick leather product. Using oils, solvents and fixatives will break down the fibrous structure of the Sedgwick leather. As the leather has already gone through a tanning process, your piece is ready to use without the need for these products. Dipping or soaking the leather in oil will damage the leather by oversaturating the fibers, causing the sealed edge of the leather, along with the raised sections of the product, to dissolve. Sticking with the best leather care for your Huntley Equestrian Sedgwick product will keep it clean and ready to use for years.

What is the best thing to use on your Huntley Equestrian Sedgwick leather? We are so glad you asked! Huntley Equestrian Leather Care is made exclusively for Huntley Equestrian in England by J & E Sedgwick to care for and protect genuine leather. Huntley Equestrian Leather Care contains only natural ingredients to protect and maintain the suppleness of your Huntley Equestrian Sedgwick leather without drying or oversaturating it. Huntley Equestrian Leather care contains natural oils, beeswax, and fats and contains no added chemicals, dyes, adulterants, or petroleum’s. Use Huntley Equestrian Leather Care on only genuine leather. Huntley Equestrian Leather Care works as a leather softener, restorer and a conditioner; a great all in one product worth having in the barn for all of your genuine leather needs.

For daily care, we recommend Huntley Equestrian Soap on a Rope. Soap on a rope is an all natural, gentle soap with lemongrass and lavender essential oils for cleaning, restoring and conditioning all leather. The soap on a rope is made with GMO free butters, essential oils, and plant extracts and no additives, chemicals, silicone, paraben, or fragrances. It is safe to use on all leather products. The innovative rope design allows you to conveniently hang the soap on a tack cleaning hook for easy access and a “hands free” leather cleaning. The smell of soap on a rope will make you look forward to cleaning your Huntley Equestrian leather pieces and keep them clean and conditioned.

Instructions for caring for a NEW Huntley Equestrian Sedgwick Leather Bridle or Martingale

  1. Always check the fit of the piece before treating with leather care
  2. Apply a healthy coat of Huntley Sedgwick Leather Care to both the grain (top) and flesh (back) of each piece of leather using a clean sponge or towel
  3. Allow to dry, then apply an additional coat of Huntley Sedgwick Leather Care if needed
  4. When dry to the touch, buff with a soft, dry cloth
  5. Place leather in a bridle bag and store in a climate controlled environment, away from dust

Instructions for daily care of Huntley Equestrian Sedgwick Leather Bridle or Martingale

  1. Clean off dirt, sweat and hair with a clean towel after each ride
  2. Dampen a sponge or towel with clean water
  3. Squeeze excess water out of sponge or towel
  4. Gently clean each piece of leather with leather care? Soap on a rope?
  5. Wipe off any excess soap*** with a clean towel
  6. Place leather in a bridle bag and store in a climate controlled environment, away from dust

If your bridle gets wet, is exposed to inclement weather, is exposed to a damp environment, or feels too dry:

  1. Wipe off excess water if necessary
  2. Treat with Huntley Equestrian Leather Care
  3. Allow leather to dry
  4. Apply additional layer if needed