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3 Habits That Can Set You Up For A Successful Show Season

Alle Justyn styling the Huntley Equestrian English Duffle. Photo take by Nicole Schultz Photography


As we enter a new year, many riders are gearing up and trailering off for the show season. After weeks, months, and years of training, it’s time to show off exactly what you’ve been working so hard for. This time of the year can lead to a ton of emotions - happiness, excitement, eagerness, nerves, and chaos. We’ve all been there when we traveled over four hours and realized we forgot our white show saddle pad. With a little bit of prep work and good luck, you can enter this years’ show season with ease and a little less worry. Follow these three habits that can set you up for success.


1. Make a list and check it twice 

In the midst of packing, the chaos can lead to you forgetting something important. Write down and check off a packing list of grooming tools, equipment, show attire, blankets, first aid, and feed. This can let you drive off with a peaceful mind knowing that everything is tucked away in its rightful place. This might seem simple, but we promise this has saved us each and every time.


2. Organize 

While organization might not be your forte, pre-packing and strategically placing your items in the correct place allows you to find exactly what you need, when you need it. There is something so satisfying about having your tack box, grooming bag, and show attire organized for those early mornings. Find a great travel bag, like our Huntley Equestrian Tapestry Duffle Bag, to fit all of your show needs (saddle pads, jumping boots and odd-and-ends), and place your show clothes in a safe garment bag to keep your clothes perfectly placed and dirt free. 

 The Huntley Equestrian Tapestry Duffle Bag-English Design up close. Photo taken by Nicole Schultz Photography

3.Create a Pre-Show Routine 

Nerves have a funny way of creeping in right before you enter the show ring. Creating a pre-ride routine can help keep your show nerves down and your mind focused. A pre-ride routine can be simple, such as listening to your favorite music, taking your horse for a walk around the grounds, or going over some positive affirmations.

Doing a little bit of prep work can make your show season run seamless so you can focus on doing your best and having fun. After all, you’ve been putting hours in the saddle and are more than prepared to be there. Happy showing!


Photos taken by Nicole Schultz Photography.

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