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Huntley Equestrian Sedgwick Fancy Stitched Square Raised Hunter Horse Bridle with Reins

Made from the finest imported English leather from J.E. Sedgwick & Co. Ltd. in England, this Huntley Fancy Stitched Raised English Bridle is elegant enough for the show ring yet durable enough for everyday use. Huntley leather is tanned and finished by Sedgwick in England then shipped to our designated Sedgwick workshop where only our most skilled craftsmen may work. Each bridle is meticulously stitched and decorative stitching is added to the nose band, brow band, and head pieces. Beautiful braided Sedgwick leather reins and stainless steel hardware finish off the look of this very high quality Huntley Bridle. Sizes available in Oversize, Full (Includes 1" Inch noseband), Cob (Includes 1" Inch noseband), Medium Pony (Includes 3/4" Inch noseband), and Small Pony (Includes 3/4" Inch noseband). Available in Sedgwick Conker Color and Sedgwick Australian nut color.  
  • Sedgwick Leather Construction
  • Hand Stitched
  • 12 Stitches per inch
  • Decorative Stitching on nose band, brow band, and reins
  • Braided Sedgwick leather reins
  • Stainless Steel Hardware