Let The Holiday Shopping Season Begin! — Sales event

Let the Holiday Shopping Season Begin!

Posted by Allyson Hall on

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time of the year that is spent planning, prepping, and preparing great food to share with family and friends.  Thanksgiving day starts early with preparing the turkey and all other items in the kitchen.  How long does the bird take to cook? Basting schedule for the turkey? What time does everyone want to eat? 

Retailers have a different schedule. Thanksgiving is a time of year that is spent planning, prepping, and preparing for Black Friday.  The best shopping day of the year!  What discounts do we offer? How long do we offer our Black Friday sale? What items to offer discounts?

Spending time with family, eating great food, and attending all of the shopping events that occur during the Thanksgiving holiday are always fun, exciting, and exhausting. 

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with family, friends, food, and shopping.  Shop the best Huntley Equestrian Sales event of the year.  40% Off all items.  Use code GOBBLE19 at checkout.





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