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Show Season Checklist: HUNTER EDITION

Posted by Morgan Hartmann on

Show Season Checklist - The Hunter Edition - For you: Helmet Hair nets Show shirt Collar (if needed) Show coat Number Tan show breeches Black belt Black gloves Socks  Tall boots Spurs (if needed) Crop (if needed) For your horse: Bridle Martingale Saddle Clean, fitted white saddle pad Show girth Boots or polo wraps for warming up Ear plugs (optional) Treats! Step one to showing - being prepared! Horse shows are events that all equestrians look forward to. What’s not to love? A whole weekend spent with your horse, trainer, and barn buddies! With so many shows to choose from...

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Lucky you with the horseshoe! 🍀

Posted by Huntley Penniman on

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you and the horses in your life! Whether your favorite charm is a four-leaf clover or a horseshoe, we hope it brings you some luck today. We know that horseshoes are lucky simply because of their proximity to our most favorite thing in the world: horses! But what is the history behind their fabled luckiness? And when we hang them around the house, or wear them as a charm, what’s the difference between a horseshoe with the opening facing upwards or down? Horseshoes above the doorway keep mischief at bay. Horseshoes started their tradition of...

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Spring is Coming! 3 Things to Remember When Getting Your Horse Spring Ready

Posted by Huntley Penniman on

Article by Morgan Hartmann March 2, 2017 Transitioning your horse from season to season can present many challenges, adjusting  everything from feed to workouts. The tasks seem never ending! Changing temperatures can throw us and our horses for a loop.  It can be tough for horses to adjust to the differences in temperatures, weather, and hours of sunlight. Some of the most common problems that occur when seasons change are colic, skin issues, and hoof ailments. Below are some helpful tips to help you transition your four-legged friend from winter to spring. Healthy Hay = Healthy Horse Colic is a...

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Top Spring Fashion Trends 2017

Posted by Allyson Hall on

Last month, We took a quick trip to New York City to attend the Premier Vision Fashion Trade show to see what the latest trends are in fashion fabrics and accessories. Quickly, we learned that Italian fabric manufacturers produce the most beautiful linen and lace fabrics for high fashion. These fabrics were dreamy-the lace was to die for! We were pleasantly surprised by the number of Turkish fabric manufacturers who exhibited.  They featured lovely cotton, linen, and blended fabrics.  Great to see the European manufacturers going strong, even with the decline in the Euro.   Next to the designers section...

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